Our Open Handed Approach

  1. Hands on solutions - we work from the grass roots 

  2. Hand free solutions - we believe that empowerment comes from people being empowered by the possiblity of change within

  3. Hands together solutions - we work in partnership to make a difference to peoples lives

  4. My hands - we work together with Aboriginal people to show them how to put their future in good hands - their own


"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."  Martin Luther King, Jr.


First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation is a small charity that specialises in finding hands on solutions to issues faced by Aboriginal people, families and communities and particularly young Aboriginal people. Youth incarceration, suicide and mental health issues among Indigenous youth are at the top on a global scale.


We know from growing up in an Aboriginal community and working with young Aboriginal people over the past 20 years that dispossession of culture is having a detrimental effect on these young people. Our priority with all our programs is to provide Aboriginal people with an opportunity to reconnect to traditional culture by working with and gaining skills, knowledge and experience from positive Aboriginal role models and skilled Aboriginal community elders.