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Whatever Valera was guided by, accepting the invitation, but this decision greatly changed his future life. Now it is impossible to say how the first visit went, how it ended and what happened next. The fact remains: Valera fell ill. And he got very sick

The disease progressed rapidly, and in a very short time he managed to literally “fly through” that candy-bouquet period that every “falling in love with a casino” has and cannot imagine a single evening without a game.

The situation unfolded in an incredible way: Valera successfully joined the ranks of the real “brownies” of the swindler. Three months later, among the staff of the "Sovereign" it was impossible to meet a person to whom Valera did not turn with a request for a cash loan.

Arkady refused to invest in a colleague, he understood that if he lends money now, it is completely incomprehensible when they will return back and whether they will return at all.

Valera demonstrated amazing ingenuity, so characteristic of people who fell into the financial abyss: the pretexts under which he tried to borrow differed from each other and did not repeat.


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