We are raising money to conduct a 3 day camp to be held in Booderee National Park on the NSW south coast for 20 Indigenous dads and dads/Carers of indigenous children and their kids from the Sydney and greater Sydney regions. Dads and their children can reconnect to culture and support each other while participating in meaningful activities together. The aim is bring dads together and share quality time with their children and each other away from the home environment. This will build dad and child relationships as well as connecting dads with other dads and building stronger relationships. Camp activities will include making traditional artefacts such as boomerangs and or clapsticks for the boys and digging sticks/weaving for the girls, they will also be taught bush and sea tucker gathering, traditional fire lighting with two sticks and cooking food on an open fire, campfire dreaming stories and cultural dancing. There will also be a dads forum/discussion around a dads role and responsibilities in the family environment.we will also link with and invite local indigenous dads and children from the nearby Aboriginal community of Wreck Bay to join us and share stories and culture.

Expected outcomes are:

1. Strengthened relationships between Indigenous fathers and their children
2. New and strengthened existing relationships between Indigenous dads
3. Strengthened indigenous families through stronger relationships between parents and children and increased family contribution
4. Strengthened communities 
5. Reduced issues associated with family breakdown
6. Solid support network of Indigenous dads
7. Cultural exchanges with other communities 

We need the funds to pay for camp essentials such as accommodation, transport, cultural facilitators, catering and a small gift to each dad/child that simbolises their participation. 

This is enormously important to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous children, families and communities including the wider Australian community. It is at the heart of First Hand Solutions as we see culture as a highly important part of the solution to the well documented issues faced by indigenous people and communities in Australia and closing the gap.

We are incredibly thankful to have an opportunity to reach out and invite as many Australians to contribute to this project and help us help IndigiDads. We thank all those who donate for contributing to the positive social change we are achieving at First Hand Solutions 

There are a number of ways you can support this campaign and the work we do.

1. Donate to this project
2. Share and invite or challenge others to donate
3. Share our campaign on your social media accounts 
4. Word of mouth

We at First Hand Solutions understand the financial burden many Australians are carrying as part of living in our society and so we don't want anyone feeling pressured to donate, there are other ways to contribute to this campaign.

For every $500 raised above our target of $12000, we can invite another dad and child.

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Campfire Stories

Our campfire yarns are to teach young aboriginal people dreamtime stories about creation but also conflict resolution and comunity.

Cultural Dancing

Local dancers perform traditional aboriginal song and dances. These dances form an important part of local culture