The Seeds to Success Bush Tucker Project is an Indigenous Leadership and public speaking program that involves aboriginal students attending school working with Aboriginal role models and community elders to develop leadership and public speaking skills.


Aboriginal students will undertake the 10 week Seeds to Success Bush Tucker program which involves establishing garden beds and planting of native plants traditionally used by aboriginal people. Students will work with elders and role models to learn various plants and their traditional uses. They will then learn basic tour guiding and speaking skills needed to successfully conduct a bush tucker tour for students at their school.


The aim of the project is to form groups of students to tackle different tasks during the project. Each group will nominate a different group leader who will then inform their group of tasks required and establish plans to successfully complete those tasks. The leader of each group on the day is responsible for delegation of jobs, group cohesion, conflict resolution and problem solving etc. At the completion of the program students must competently conduct a bush tucker tour.


The impact and potential that this has in closing the gap in socio-economic status for significant numbers of Indigenous people is high.

Project Objectives:


  • enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to participate in highly beneficial culturally appropriate activities

  • reconnect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people with traditional culture and heritage

  • enable non-aboriginal students to learn about traditional Aboriginal culture which contributes to reconciliation

  • provide an environment where all generations can participate in cultural activities together

  • provide participants with positive experiences working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander role models and community elders

  • Build confidence, resilience and self-esteem among Aboriginal students.

  • Increase interaction and conflict resolution skills within a group environment.

  • Provide an avenue for the re-establishment of generational respect between young Aboriginal people and Aboriginal elders through the passing down of traditional knowledge.

  • Providing a venue, resources and hands-on experience to help connect our kids with the cultural knowledge of local plants, their uses, tastes, benefits and passing down the stories of elders- it will create a sense of pride and connectedness, which have been proven to assist participation and mental health outcomes

  • Provide a venue that will enable children at risk through poor education and /or marginalisation to access alternative educational stream (main program located on school grounds) that will develop better connection to country, history, culture and build capacity and skills in leadership, vocational skills, as well as connecting them with their elders. Similar to the successful “seeds to success” program we have been running across multiple sites this project will build on that and add some vocational skills in for older children who participate. This will empower children and provide them with encouragement to attend school and participate in their education more fully

  •  Provide a site to enable us to showcase our bushfoods and plants, telling the stories of our elders to the wider community, creating better understanding and hopefully encouraging people to better protect the endangered flora of this region.

  • Build self-worth for Indigenous people over a wide geographic spread by increasing socio-economic status, community acceptance, respect and value, and inclusion. - The project will build a vast array of networks with Government (across all tiers), corporate world, and local council. Industry, landowners, and other bush foods enterprises.