Why our charity needs to run a retail/art gallery

The Blak markets is a social enterprise that has been successful in overcoming some of the barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people entering small business. It also helps funds our charities work, which is running cultural reconnection programs for aboriginal youth to reduce some of the highest rates of youth suicide and incarceration in the world.

We want to expand the opportunities for Indigenous people to benefit from the sale of their goods by building a retail shop and art gallery run by an Aboriginal Corporation for Aboriginal people so we can sell Indigenous product the whole year round, not just the first Sunday of the month that our markets run.

If we have a dedicated way of selling Aboriginal product the other 353 days of the year, we can provide, more help to Indigenous people to overcome so many of the barriers which see so few operating in different parts of mainstream society.

Because even in 2019 what we are still seeing is shops run by non-Indigenous people selling Indigenous products –often made overseas.

By getting into retail we will represent the many small Aboriginal people producing arts and craft- many being women supporting children and grand-children – and link them into different parts of the supply chain –which apart from a few aboriginal art centres and one or two private Aboriginal businesses– have failed to do.

We think that this is partly because there hasn’t been an Aboriginal organisation that understands the bigger picture of the different gaps in selling and also understands the barriers for Indigenous people to help fill these gaps.

By supporting our retail shop you are providing the opportunity for Aboriginal people to be in more parts of the supply chain, including retail and you will help give culture a value in the marketplace and young Indigenous people will realize there is a future in culture.

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