World Vision young mob connect with South Coast mob

Auntie Viv and Sharon Mason from the Djaadjawan dancers teach the girls weaving and shellwork

We've just returned from 8 days on the road facilitating a World Vision Young Mob road trip for students from Shelvey and Penrith and what a time that was despite the rain and wind that hammered our camp site each night.

We were lucky enough to connect the girls up with artist Merryn Apma at her art gallery and the Djaadjawan dancers for women's business including weaving and shellwork. Great to work with all these people who not only participate in our Blak markets but work with us to run cultural reconnection programs for our youth.

We also hosted the Martu Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa leadership group who also work with World Vision .The Martu are the traditional owners of a large part of central Western Australia which extends from the Great Sandy Desert in the north to around Wiluna in the south.

As for the youth from Young Mob - they showed an unbelievable willingness not only to learn but participate in what was sometimes quite gruelling 8 hour treks up mountains to learn about their culture. Young Mob you are an inspiration to all of us and we are proud ​​to be partnering with World Vision to facilitate these road-trips and camps.